Friday, August 19, 2011

Functionally Infused Snippet Goodness

If you're an Aurora users there's a good chance that  you'll open Firefox and be greeted with a Fox scampering across your homepage. We've recently put the Demo Gallery's "Runfield" game into a snippet (the small area under the search box), so Aurora users can enjoy the latest and greatest HTML5 goodness.

Have a look at what people have been saying!

Why We Implemented This Functionality
Implementing Runfield into the snippet space represents much more than the opportunity for Aurora users to play a game. This is the first time we've ever offered functionality through a snippet and marks the launch and first phase of a bigger project.

Stop Telling, Start Showing
The billions of monthly impressions this page receives offers a huge opportunity to use snippet to start showing, and stop simply telling, users what Firefox can do with the modern web.

There's More on the Way...
We're currently testing a functional Persona snippet that allows you to "try on" and then apply 3 of our most popular personas without having to leave the start page. We're also thinking about a restart-less add-on snippet, and have many more fun ideas in the works.

For Love & Data
The metrics team has done great work, showing how the more Firefox users who personalize their browsing experience with Personas and Add-ons the greater the chance they'll fall further in love with Firefox.

Moreover, their entire browsing experience will become more enriched and fulfilled due to the personal bond setting up your browser to feel just right provides.

It's Your Web
As the Mozilla Manifesto states, Mozilla believes the individual should have the "ability to shape their own experiences on the Internet." and this is a direct pipeline to do so.


Have a idea for a start page snippet? Leave it in the comments below.


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