Monday, October 3, 2011

Droid Vs. FoxDroid Death Match

The snippet channel allows the Engagement department to rapidly test concepts and questions that arise. 

One such question was what sort of graphic we should be using to represent our Android Mobile product. Hypothesis: the existing brand equity of the Droid logo may do a better job attracting and converting qualified visitors than the generic mobile phone we've been using.

Here's a short recap of what we found - perhaps there are other community sites or companies out there that can apply these learnings as well:

The pure Droid graphic was the most successful at driving people to the Android store. It worked a full % point over the generic phone graphic, and .3 points above the FoxDroid graphic.

  • Clearly signaling platform from the graphic increases amount of qualified traffic at basically no harm to clicks
  • Cute FoxDroid received slightly more interest (2.5% more clicks), but slightly less qualified interest; cuteness = clicks and interest, but not always highest quality clicks
  • People are probably tired of the original mobile graphic - let's change that up
Test: Ran three different graphics below through the snippet channel and measured both clicks and conversion. In this case the "conversion event" was a click the the "Get Firefox for Android" button on /mobile.

Conversion Rates:
Android - 2.3%
FoxDroid - 2.0%
Default Phone - 1.3%

I was a tad surprised since I though the customized FoxDroid would resonate with users the most. Are you surprised? Why or why not?