Sunday, June 30, 2013

I Start the Whole30 challenge tomorrow -- here's my baseline

It's ON!
Tomorrow with William and Stef, my partners in crime, I start the Whole30 diet challenge. It's essentially 30 days of strict Paleo and no alcohol. (No alcohol?!?! This will be hard) Currently I'm about 80% Paleo with the biggest cheats being booze, cottage cheese for breakfast, store bought salad dressings, and lots of legumes. 

Why the hell are you doing this? 
Primarily vanity: I get married in about 1.5 months and I want to look my best. Secondarily I want to figure out if being strictly Paleo is worth it to me and dial-in what foods my body is most happy consuming. 

Specific goals:

  • Decrease Body Fat % by about 2.2 points (down from 16.14% to 13.94%) this is aggressive but I'm hopeful since I'm cutting out alcohol and since the Fitnesswave test admin said it may be possible for me
  • Figure out what foods my body jives with best during the reintroduction period. Specifically legumes and dairy.
  • Give my body a break from alcohol which I've been consuming, with vigor, on a regular basis for over a decade without any significant break longer than, maybe, 20 days

I just completed a $40 Hydrostatic Evaluation by the helpful folks at Fitnesswave. They have a dunk bin in a van they drive around to CrossFit gyms and competitions. Totally a great business idea. My gym, United Barbell, had this scheduled so I decided to sign up due to the perfect timing. 
Laura in the dunk bin.

The Results:

June 30th, 2013
  • Body Fat %: 16.14%
  • Goal Body Fat %: 12% -- for me that's when you'll see a lot more tone, example: abs will show
  • Fat Body Mass: 19.63 lbs
  • Weight: 121.6 lbs
  • Height: 6'6
  • Ankle Circumference: 7.6 inches (apparently I have very small bones!)
My plan is to do another dunk test near the end of the 30 Day challenge and post my results here. Wish me luck!