Thursday, March 27, 2008

Top TEDs

Here they are. I realized there’s a ton I haven’t listened to, so take this as the “best of” mainly from 2004-2006.

1. Rick Warren: probably my all time favorite

2. Tony Robins: doing his thing. Also one of my favorites. Intense. Very funny moment with Al Gore

3. Larry Brilliant: amazing story. He now heads

4. Malcom Gladwell: awesome coffee example on how consumers don’t always know what they want. Great marketing insights

5. Franz Lanting: Really cool narrative on the evolution of life on earth. A little far-out but leaves you with a great understanding of natural history.

6. Chris Anderson explains technology trends. It’s fun to see how he’s spot-on in some of the predictions he makes here in 2004.

7. Jeff Bezos: I really like his electric industry metaphor

8. Barry Schwartz: insightful findings about choice that apply a lot to marketing