Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mozilla IRC In Haiku Form

Mozilla IRC channels become a desolate place during the holidays; much like the deserted school hallways during winter break. Since I'm working remotely this week I poked around my usual channels to see what folks were up to and came across some interesting exchanges that struck me as worth recording in haiku form.

In their own ways these give a little taste of the ridiculousness, the challenges, the fun, the poetry that can be made of the everyday exchanges within the annals of Mozilla IRC.


I have been thinking

i have been thinking
of contributing but i've
no clue where to start
   - #WebDev


900 tabs! what's
about:memory look like
with that many tabs?

" ÷ <--- "

Bumped keyboard ends up
Making a division sign
It was Fligtar. heh.

New Year's Plans

have plans for new years?
Sadly not. I'll probably
be doing homework...

Stephen Donner

at the brainstorming
stage right now, but would love to
make this thing happen.
I hope you enjoyed. Bonus: submit your own Haiku in the comments! 5-7-5 is all you need to know.
PS: There's a special haiku hiding-out in the stub-installer project we're working on scribed by the amazing, "Happiest Man Alive", Matej Novak, who I hope doesn't mind me posting it here:
Proudly non-profit
Free to innovate for you
And a better Web
 Happy New Year!