Monday, October 6, 2008

Century Ride Training--Part 2

Yesterday I did a 51 mile ride in West Marin. Low mileage, I know. As Kathlyn put it, the Century Gods were conspiring against us: she went on a ride Saturday, got a flat, and had to hitch a ride back to SF due to a lack of tire irons. I was loading my bike into my car and pulled a back muscle leaving me able to ride, but in a fair amount of pain overnight and today. I feel like an old lady.

The good news: I averaged a little over 12 mph during the ride and it was pretty much a breeze. This is significant because I did the same ride a month ago and averaged about 10 mph and was brutally tired by the end. Not so this time. This progress is a welcome sign I was relieved to experience. Moreover, it was a gorgeous day and a delight to escape into the bucolic countryside for several hours of solitude.

Next up: I need to figure out a smart tapering strategy (which means to par down the miles you ride 2 weeks before a race in order to perform optimally on race day) which may be tricky due to the lack of miles I've put in thus far...

Also next, I'll need to figure out a heart rate strategy; this will help pace me on race day. I'm not sure what the best approach is, so will have to peruse the internets.

Also, also next--more icing!

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