Monday, April 28, 2008

Recession Thoughts

I love how active Warren Buffett is being in the past couple of months, meaning, he's now finding "deals" in the market that he's said were non-existent before this recent market shift.

He's a great example of how to make money when the market is low. I love watching clever people like this get ahead while everyone else is freaking out.

Of course, being the richest man in the world gives him blatant advantages. I have no idea how the average individual can profit these days besides holding steady. Any ideas? Still, pay attention to the individuals, companies, and banks who are being aggressive right now.

Some favorite quotes:
  • "We're choosing not to participate in the recession" -the manager of a bargain home appliances dealer on her current sale, as seen on KRON's "Bay Area Bargains"
  • "It will not be short and shallow" -Warren Buffett on the pending recession

Buffett Acquisition:

My favorite experts are both saying the recession will be worse than thought:

Ben Stein

Buffett (again)

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