Friday, April 11, 2008

Goodbye Muffin Tops

New Year's Resolution Update:

After a 7 day combo detox-cleanse-juice-fast (veggie juice mostly) I dropped approx 6% of my body weight going from about 127 to 119, which is pretty damn dramatic loss of 8 pounds total.

Although I harbor no illusions that I'll keep 100% of that off, I do hope to keep about 4 of those 8 pounds off until 10/1, when I'll do my next fast before Winter, 1/2 a year away.

I aim to do this by:
-drinking more juice and water
-cutting down my carb obsession now that the cleanse has broken my addiction some
-eating smaller portions now that my stomach is smaller and I crave food less
-eating as healthy as possible, and mainly veggies over other foods when given the choice

I hope to get a BMI taken soon so I can monitor muscle development, as I plan to be more active this Summer.

For more cleansing details, see the blog my fellow participants and I wrote during that trying time here! It was an amazing experience.

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