Friday, October 19, 2007

Its Harvest Time--Let's Go 'a Grape Stompin'!

What can be better than stomping Syrah grapes with your bare feet on a Saturday afternoon? Riddle me that! I can’t think of anything to do during the weekend; that’s why I rounded up Stef and Dan (above) to help me stomp them grappers. I volunteer at my favorite East Bay winery “A Donkey and Goat” run by my former Gallery co-worker and moonlighter extraordinaire, Jared and his wife, Tracy. It’s a blast.

Besides the quality of their wine and the pure fun involved I’ve gotta say this is a brilliant way to tap into quality free labor. Besides dealing with our ton of ignorant “All-I-really-drink-is-Crane-Lake” wine questions with ease and grace, they manage to rally the troupes and endure the harvest even after the precious novelty wears off their volunteers (that happens around hour #3).

I highly suggest you try to the volunteer list and consume as much of their awesome wine as possible!

Stomp it: (write to Tracey)

Drink it:

Look for my hand sorted Sryah hitting the markets sometime in 2009.

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  1. Nice. I wonder if you can get the actual bottle you stomped?